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Dietitian Side Hustle

Dec 1, 2021

In this episode I’m sharing an amazing episode of my Dietitian Side Hustle Live! Show (streamed in my Facebook Group every Monday at 5:30pm PT). My business coach, Javier Carlin, shares his wisdom on the top 3 content creation mistakes AND how to avoid them.


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Nov 24, 2021

In this episode I talk about the importance of gratitude and share what I am most grateful for in 2021 (including YOU!!!).

Nov 17, 2021

On this episode I interview Holly Larson. Holly shares the inside scoop on how you can make money writing. She shares examples and some awesome tips to improve your writing skills!


The Writing Course for Nutrition Professionals (affiliate link):




Nov 10, 2021

In this episode, I talk all about Masterminds and how they can benefit dietitian side hustlers. I share my own experiences being in a Mastermind and starting the Blog Boss Mastermind. I hope you enjoy this episode!!

Nov 3, 2021

On this episode I interview Megan Boitano. Megan is the founder of RD2RD, a marketplace for nutrition experts to buy, sell and share digital nutrition resources. In this episode Megan shares tons of information selling digital goods, creating an RD2RD store, and tips for getting started!



Find Megan online: