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Dietitian Side Hustle

Aug 4, 2021

On this episode I interview my business coach Greg Todd about the millionaire mindset. Be prepared to be inspired, motivated, and have a serious shift in your mindset. This episode is GOLD and I am so excited for you all to listen. 😊


If you want to learn more about GT’s Raise Your Income Challenge starting August 9th, check out my affiliate link below.

If you join through my link, be sure to let me know! You will be getting DIETITIAN SIDE HUSTLE upgrade with 3 awesome bonuses:

  • Access to the Raise Your Income Dietitian Community (with reminders, accountability, and community!)
  • My "Create More Time Masterclass" (cause we all need some extra time to make our dreams a reality!)
  • My Raise Your Income Roadmap (a road map and checklist to get the most out of the challenge!)